International Exhibition: Quality Lighting and Light Pollution
5-6 October 2007, Bled, Slovenia


This conference would like to stimulate a global process for reducing light pollution from present 100 % down to 25 %.
This is an achievable objective if quality, fully shielded outdoor illumination is used everywhere and without exceptions.

Illumination should be used just in places where it is needed, in the amount which is needed and
during time when light it is needed.


There is no doubt that we need light at night to provide the safety on roads and streets. However, the need of modern man for a moderate amount of light has, by means of industry, turned into unstoppable, boundless power to turn night into day. We use lighting everywhere, whether necessary or not, and very often the lighting is excessive. Worst of all is the fact that at least 30% of all light is plainly spilled upwards because of inappropriate lamps, which illuminate the night sky instead of streets and pavements


What was in the past a reasonable need for light and the feeling of security in the dark has been brought, in Europe, to an extreme, which was several decades ago unimaginable. Enormous consequences of the light pollution have become apparent. By our way of using light we blind people on roads, illuminate their bedrooms and disturb animals. Many nocturnal animals are dying out because of the inappropriate outdoor lighting. There are more and more researches on the increase in the number of people suffering from cancer caused by light at night. The stars disappear in the night sky above Europe: once dark skies are turning into white, light polluted cover. Most city dwellers cannot see the Milky Way any more and lose contact with the source of their existence space. The residents of Europe are, instead of increasing their standard of living, becoming the slaves and victims of their own consumerism. Light, which used to be a much desired commodity, has been turned into its opposite. The dark side of light has become apparent. This requires the European Union to act now! The 7th European Symposium for Protection of the Night Sky will inform participants about many problems, the most recent researches, as well as possible solutions. The latter involve political power, and therefore we have invited the most important representatives in politics. Light pollution contributes a great deal to global warming. This is another reason to stop it. Light pollution requires taking measures just as global warming does. Clear and efficient action of the European Union is required, here and now!


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